How To Pick And Choose The Best Free Apps For Your iPhone

A Few Basic Guidelines

iPhones apps can greatly enhance the features and capabilities of your already feature-rich mobile device. The fact that most of the best apps for the iPhone are available for free makes it even more compelling to download and use them. But before you rush off to download the latest available app, you might need to find out how to pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone, so that you can derive maximum benefit from them.

You can follow this list of criteria to help you pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone:


Most people are attracted to iPhone apps based on the wow factor. They hear about a new app or see a friend using one, and they immediately get all excited about it, without ever wondering whether they really need the app. Just because it is free does not mean that you should immediately download and use it. In fact, most people never use a large percentage of the apps that are installed on their iPhones. Understand that you would only use an app which really meets a particular need. So use that as your basic selection criterion to see whether or not you really need a particular app, before you download and use it.


Judge an app based on its usability. Unlike computer software applications, most apps are used on the go while driving, walking or even running. See how well you can use the app in those circumstances. Sometimes, you might have to wait for the app to evolve to a higher version before it becomes really usable. So unless the app is easy to use on the iPhone, do not go for it.


Unless you have countless hours of free time, you can do without a large percentage of apps. In fact, most apps for entertainment can be very addictive and rob you off your precious time, which you can use productively in other tasks. So judge an app by the value it provides in your life. If it can aid you in productivity and save time, go for it. But if it wastes your time and decreases your income or profits, keep away from it.


When you have children at home, you should be wary of the kind of apps that you install on your smart phone, especially when you allow your children to use your iPhone. Apps that use geolocation can pinpoint the location of the iPhone user. If your children use such apps without your assistance, they can expose their location to complete strangers, which could be dangerous at times. Therefore, you need to be aware of these aspects when you install certain apps on your iPhone.


It is impossible for you to find all the apps on your own. You might have to go by other people’s opinions, which is not really a bad thing. People are doing you a favor by downloading, installing and testing an app, so that you do not have to do it yourself. Therefore, check online for feedback from iPhone app users through forums and social media sites. There are thousands of sites online where iPhone app users share their experience and provide feedback on various different apps. Use this collective knowledge to help you pick and choose the best free apps for your iPhone.

iPad Medical Apps – Top Amazing Apps For The Healthcare Field

The healthcare profession is a big one. Many people never would have guessed that these professionals would have a use for an iPad. The truth is, these iPad medical apps really come in handy. There are quite a few medical applications that are quite popular and commonly used.

The most popular application is known as Medscape. This is a healthcare professional’s one stop shop reference guide. This is the top application of all time. Any and everything that you can think of that pertains to the medical fields is all here in this app. From drug and disease references to videos, procedures, and images, it has it all. The craziest thing about this app is that it’s completely free.

Micromedexd isn’t as good as Medscape, but it’s the next best thing. This is why it ranks #2. It is quick and very simple to use. It is the organization of your office, away from your office. Here, you are able to look up dosage, warnings, and drug information with a single touch.

As far as the New England journal of medicine is concerned, it ranks #3 falling behind Micromedex and Medscape. This is also is a free app that allows you to have medical resources at your fingertips. You can view pictures and videos, plus learn about many different procedures. Everything is easily accessed because it has already been prepared in mobile format.

Epocrates on the other hand, is said to be one of the best apps in mobile format and ranks #4. There are many different versions of this app. There is one free one and many premium versions. Here, there are quite a few helpful, useful tools. The medical calculator, drug monographs, pill identifier, and the drug interaction tool are just to name a few. As for the premium versions, they are a little different.

There are four different versions of Epocrates. Epocrates Rx is the free version. Epocrates Rx Pro is a premium version and costs $99 per year. Epocrates Essentials is another premium version that prices around $160 a year. Epocrates Essentials Deluxe is yet another premium software and is the last. This program runs about $199 a year.

There are many different perks that come with each Epocrates program. These are known as key features. With the free version, (Epocrates Rx), is great for the pill identifier, drug info, and medmath. Rx Pro includes infectious disease treatment guide, brand name OTC drugs, alternative medicines, and the IV compatibility checker.

Epocrates Essentials includes disease monographs, high resolution images, and diagnostics and laboratory tests. Essentials deluxe is the package of all packages. This includes CPT codes, ICD-9 codes, medical dictionary, and alternative medicines section. These apps are great for any person in the healthcare, medical field. It is a very handy, on-the-go guide for just about everything medical.

Must-Have Apps For Every iPhone and iPad Owner

There’s nothing better than downloading a new free app to you iPad or iPhone – except when the app is horrible. If there’s one to know about software, it’s that one person’s “awesome” is the next guy’s “awful.” This is because every person is unique and our apps should be too. So, we’ve put together this list of software to match different personality types. Find yourself, find your app and find happiness at last.

The Best App for Everyone: Where

Where tells you just that – where what you’re looking for can be found. Not unlike the “Points of Interest” feature in Garmin GPS systems, the Where app can answer any of your questions that begin with “Where is…?” From “where is the nearest place to get a cup of coffee?” to “where is my friend Mike right now?”, the Where app allows you to connect with the people and places around you, all while you’re on the go.

What makes Where so great is the way it combines several different apps into one central location. For example, you might already have one app that will give you the weather, and another app that will search for coupons. Another app might provide you with gas prices, while a fourth app might let you browse the Yellow Pages. With Where, all this information is in one place.

The Best App for Music Lovers: Shazam

Shazam has a premium version that’s not free, but the limited use version might be enough for you to get started with. Imagine this scenario: you’re in a cafe having a cup of coffee, and they’re playing a song that you really love. You think you’ve heard it before, but for the life of you, you can’t figure out who sings it or what the name of the song is. This is where Shazam comes in. Just hold your phone as close as you can to the speaker, and record a short sample of the time. Shazam will figure out who sings the song, what its name is, and what album it’s on. Even with extraneous background noise – people chatting in the background, an espresso machine going off – Shazam will capture enough of the music to tell you who it is.

For anyone who’s ever said to themselves or to a friend, “Who is this singer?! It’s driving me crazy!”, you owe it to your sanity to put the Shazam app on your iPhone.

The Best App for News Junkies: The New York Times

On the subway, at a restaurant, or walking down the street, you can plug in to the latest news from The New York Times. Not only that, you can customize which news stories you see. If you’re into sports, for example, you can get sports headlines to appear, without having to scroll through all that boring arts stuff.

The Best App for Social Butterflies: Eventful

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to stay at home knitting and watching television every night, Eventful might be the app for you. Eventful will tell you all about local events, including which performers will be performing where and when; in fact, Eventful tracks the schedules of over 130,000 performers, so the chances are, you’ll find something good to do at night. You can also track what events your friends are interested in, making it easy to coordinate a weekend of fun with the gang.

The Best App for Twitter Users: Twitterrific

If you can’t stand to be away from your Twitter account, you don’t have to be. Twitterrific lets you take Twitter with you wherever you go. From Twitterrific, it’s easy to post tweets and follow the tweets your friends and family post.

These five apps just scratch the surface. The chances are, if you can imagine it, someone has made an app for it – or they will soon.

Tech Summary – 12 Essential iPhone & iPad Apps For Real Estate

Apple naysayers – your end is nigh! While it was hard to ignore how iPhone revolutionized the smartphone, with the incredible success of the iPad (2 million sold in 2 months), only the staunchest of apple opponents aren’t begrudgingly jumping on the iBandwagon.

However, what do you do if you’re just getting around to using an iProduct? Here’s a listing of the our pick for the 12 best iPhone and iPad Apps for Real Estate. Not all of them are real estate apps, but all of them are great tools for your business.

Real Estate

Developed by 4 university of Missouri students, this app won the team an iPhone app creation contest in 2009. Proudly the number 2 real estate app, you can search by area, bookmark listings and see where the results fall in price without having to open the listing with Nearbuy’s coloured coded listing pins. Available for iPhone. Price: Free


Trulia’s iPhone app takes the Trulia website and makes it portable. Search by area, bring up detailed listings and see the properties history – has it gone up or down in price? A Realtor standby, but the catch it that it doesn’t work in Canada. Still, if you can use it, Trulia is a great tool. Available for iPhone. Price: Free


The reigning champion of realty apps, the Zillow app provides location search, Zestimate price information, changes in price, sale and tax info, all with a clean, super simple to use interface. It’s easy to see why Zillow is number one! Better yet, it looks great on the iPad. Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: Free


Need to find a restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood? Just want to try someplace new? Running out of gas? Don’t look further than Yelp – you can search by business, or area. The best feature though? Read the online reviews from Yelp users to take the guess work out of finding a new place to eat lunch. Available for iPhone. Price: Free

Around Me:

Not a local, but need to show clients there are plenty of amenities in a new neighbourhood? Around me is what you need. Similar to yelp, but with a more basic interface, Around me grabs your location and allows you to choose from preset categories like banks, coffee shops, movie theatres and even hospitals. View the route from where you are, add the information to your contact list or even email the information to a friend. Warning though – if the information you want is not in Google maps, it won’t be on Around Me. Still, handy if you’re in a big city. Available for iPhone. Price: Free

powerOne Financial Calculator:

There are many mortgage and finance calculators, but powerOne is the Cadillac of them all. Figure out investment income, mortgage payments, compound interest, or do some advanced algebraic equations. The well designed interface means that you’ll never sweat when trying to do complex math again. Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: $5.99

General Productivity:

This app has many fans in just about every industry there is. Evernote flawlessly takes notes, pictures or audio recordings with the app, and then syncs it up to your home computer later. Add tags for even easier file retrieval. Evernote comes up in a lot of “best app” lists for a reason. Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: Free

Dragon Dictation:

Apps like this even make the biggest tech fiend swoon. An incredibly accurate dictation app that works like a charm (speak slowly and clearly for best results), and can send your notes to text, email or the clipboard. Never drive and text again (not that you would do that!) Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: Free


Like Evernote, Goodreader has many brand evangelists – one of the best and most reliable readers for the iPad, Goodreader can view local files, download files from websites, FTP servers, Google Docs, AND use wifi to move files from your home computer to your iPhone or iPad. Reads PDFs, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, txt files… almost anything you might want to read. Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: $0.99 (on sale now!)

iWork Suite:

Apple ported Pages, Number and Keynote (aka, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to the iPad and the results are astounding – maybe they don’t have all the functionality of the desktop versions, but they do anything you’d ever want to do on the go. If you use a laptop mainly for email and internet, the iWork suite makes a compelling argument to ditch the laptop for an iPad. Available for iPad. Price: $9.99 each.

Social Media:

The official app is still the best one out there. Limited functionality (groups are not listed in the default launch screen, and you can’t read messages on for events), but if you’re a Facebook junkie, you have to download this app. Available for iPhone. Price: Free.


There are about a million Twitter apps for the iPhone, and each one has its pros and cons. Twitterific gets our nod because it has one of the most intuitive user interfaces, supports multiple twitter accounts, and is super easy to use. Available for both iPad and iPhone. Price: Free version for iPhone and iPad, & a $4.99 premium version for iPhone (without ads).

Best Apps For IPhone 4

So, the iPhone 4 has been out for a couple of weeks now and one of its main features is the ‘Retina Display’. Basically, a super clear screen which is great for videos, games, YouTube etc.

The first wave of developers are starting to release the apps which are really going to demonstrate how much better this screen is than on iPhone 3GS and older models.

Asides from the increased portability, slicker design and multi-task capabilities of the iPhone 4, the retina display screen is the real ‘wow’ factor when you show it off to friends and colleagues. So you need to load it up with some sweet apps to make them drool at the crystal clear screen:

1. Paper Toss

So simple, so addictive. This game has been around for years and as of a few days ago was given a complete overhaul by BackFlip studios to ‘sexify it’ for the iPhone 4. The results have to be seen to be believed and I don’t think the screen shots really do it justice. It instantly made it one of the best looking apps on my iPhone.

2. Arounder

Looking for potential holiday destinations? Maybe you got drunk in Milan and didn’t get around to any actual sightseeing? Well, Arounder is a cool app that lets you take 360 degree tours of hundreds of destinations from around the globe. From a deserted beach in Tahiti to the Sydney Opera House, this app delivers you some beautiful landmarks and scenery in crystal clear resolution on your iPhone 4.

3. Let’s Golf

Let’s Golf is one of the top downloaded sports apps and has never looked so clear in all its cartoonish glory than on the iPhone 4. Although the developers have not released an official update, it still looks fantastic on the iPhone 4 retina display.

4. Sim City

Memories of Sim City on the SNES or Sim City 3000 will come flooding back with this full version of Sim City on your iPhone. Very playable and perfectly scaled down with graphics given a decent boost by the iPhone 4, its one of the first apps your friends will want to see in action when you are showing off your new phone.

5. iMovie

For all the Mac users out there familiar with iMovie, it’s time to get excited because Apple’s flagship app has been re designed specifically for the iPhone OS4 operating system and maintains much of its functionality in the new portable format. The iPhone 4 can record in up to 720p definition so with a bit of editing for iMovie, you really can produce some great looking movies.

We expect that a lot of apps are currently undergoing a visual overhaul as we speak and in the first couple of weeks we already have some stunning looking apps. We anticipate as developers become more comfortable with the OS4 operating system, the best iPhone 4 apps are yet to come. But for now, download the above apps and bask in their visual beauty. (And make some friends jealous along the way).

Essential Mobile Apps for College Students

College students today rely on their smartphones almost as much as they do their professors. Smartphone do more than just keep them connected with friends and family. It’s all about the apps, and there are more apps available than peanuts at an elephant sideshow. Choosing the best apps for taking notes, organizing tasks and calendars, and listening to books or music can be overwhelming. Below are essential apps every college student will appreciate.


Regardless of the platform or browser, Evernote has an app that allows students to digitize and search handwritten notes. Content can be saved from any source and then annotated and tagged as needed. For those using iPhone, Windows Phone, and Androids, the camera can be used to take a photo of someone else’s notes or a note on the classroom door and the text portion of the photo is completely searchable. The app even makes note of where the photo was taken.


Dropbox one of the best mobile apps for college students. With this app, users have access to 2GB of cloud storage for free. You can sync the storage between a desktop, mobile device, and dozens of compatible apps. Storing and sharing files and photos is effortless and easy. Sharing data with others in a study group or class is easy through Dropbox.

Quickoffice Pro HD

Quickoffice Pro HD is expensive as apps go at $15 for iPhone and Android phones, but well worth the investment. Creating an Excel spreadsheet on a smartphone is now an extra option. Students can also create and edit Word documents and PowerPoint presentations while on the move. It integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, SugarSync, and a several other cloud services.

Google Play Books

Instead of carrying those heavy textbooks, Google Play Books allows users to rent or buy many textbooks. Rentals are good for 180 days and make a huge difference in the weight of a backpack. The app is currently available for iPhone and Android phones. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a physical book that might be read once or is only needed for 1 or 2 chapters, the downloaded version costs (and weighs) a lot less.

College students may have a lot on their plates, but these mobile apps for students make it easier than ever to do well in class. With easy-to-use features, studying is easier with today’s smartphone app technology.

Spot the Best Android App Developers

It’s not tough to spot the best Android app developers. All you need to do is simply look at their applications. Even the brand-new Android owner can tell you which apps took talent and which were hastily done without regard to the end result. The best Android app developers release app after successful app, and all share similar characteristics. This holds true whether the app is aimed toward the gaming population or to the practical users who use their Android to make life easier.

The best Android app developers:

• Plan, plan, and plan some more. Before one single line of code is written, the best Android app developers can answer the following questions: Who is my audience? How will this app carve out a niche in the app market? Will this be a free or fee-based app? What is a fair charge if a fee will be collected? These answers have to be set in stone before a developer reaches the next step, which inevitably involves asking the question:

• What will the app involve? Graphics and typesets must be selected, but first, the best app developer must consider the entire app in question. He or she imagines it as a finished product and decides where any gaps pose problems to the user in terms of usability. Before he or she begins to actually design the app, these problems have been taken care of and the app begins to take shape.

• Great app developers are willing to admit if they have made a mistake with any part of this planning phase, and they quickly fix it and move on to the next step. If a certain protocol isn’t working, they immediately recognize the problem and fix it. Above all, the best developers keep their ego in check and realize that if the end user cannot understand how to work the app, it does not matter how intricately beautiful it is. The user will simply press erase, and that will be the end of that app.

Top Apps for iPhone

The top apps for iPhone are utilities that you, as an iPhone user, can’t live without. Here are four of the most useful apps available for the iPhone that will open up all of its potential.

EverNote: If you lack the memory of an elephant that never forgets, EverNote should be something you should get immediately; right now before you forget. This app turns your iPhone into a digital archive that can house and sort all of your media including pictures, written notes, video, and sound files. You can then search the database for anything you are looking for from either your iPhone or computer. One of the reasons this is one of the top apps for iPhone is all of this great functionality comes for free. But wait, there’s more. EverNote has character recognition for the photos you take, so that signs and posters you have your pictures taken next to can be easily searched without having to manually name the files yourself.

Gorillacam: This great app is a perfect companion to your iPhone’s camera. It has many features that other separate apps contain. Using this app will save storage space for better apps or for more pictures. Gorillacam has several features including timer, on-screen grid, spirit-level, multi-shot, and ‘press anywhere’ capture. This will greatly enhance the quality of the pictures you take. No more of those off level pictures when you weren’t trying to shoot in “Dutch Framing”.

Wikipanion: This is the best app for people with the got to know attitude. Although wikipedia is completely accessible through the iPhone’s browser, it is easier to navigate with this app and allows for a simpler browsing experience. It’s absolutely free (it’s a wiki of course it’s free, that’s what wiki means; wiki that fact why don’t ya’) and completely add free. Get the fast facts on just about anything worth knowing in the world, for any knowledge seeker this is definitely one of the top apps for iPhone. This app even lets you tweet what ever erroneous fact you’ve dug up from its pages to wow your friends.

Facebook: Do I really need to say more? Fine. The newer version of the Facebook app is much easier to navigate than its predecessor. This is an essential app for anyone who wants to stay completely hooked in to their social networking. Get alerts and respond to comments anytime of day or night. This, without a doubt, is one of the top apps for iPhone available today.

Smartphone Apps That Help You Save Money

One of the most common uses for today’s smartphones has to do with shopping. Apps for finding the best deals on specific products or in-store deals are popping up all over the place. Here are some of the best apps to use if you want to save money.

What can shopping apps be used for? Just about anything from scanning barcodes to learning more about a particular product. Some apps allow users to redeem coupons or find out which store is offering the best price on an item you want.

1. Yowza!!

Coupon fanatics need this app. It calculates the deals in your area based on zip code and city and provides coupons you can use. You can set it to notify you each time your favorite store adds a new coupon and the coupons can be anything from photo frames and cleaning products to a new guitar or the latest fashions. It is free and paperless; cashiers scan a barcode on your device and the savings are added at checkout.

2. Groupon

Groupon partners with local businesses and then provides a daily deal in cities around the world. These deals might be for a particular restaurant, store, theater or special event. It is useful to browse for your own city or one you intend to visit soon as most deals expire within 6 months. When you see a deal you want, you purchase it and then share the deal with friends and family. The idea is to get the deal activated because enough people participate in it. The app is free and lets you find deals on the go.

3. Google Shopper

Google Shopper differs from the first 2 apps in that it doesn’t offer random items that you choose to buy or not. It allows users to search for a specific product and find the best deal on it. The app helps locate the lowest price on everything from books and music to video games and electronics. Users can also use their camera phones to scan the barcode to compare the prices of groceries and many other items to find the best price. It searches online and for stores nearby to deliver the lowest-priced results. It even has an option to let you buy directly while online with your smartphone or tablet. You can even enter items for searching with your voice by speaking into the app.

No matter which type of app you use, you are sure to find plenty of new and exciting ways to save money with your smartphone.

Best Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Money

There’s nothing worse than running out of money when you’re really in need of it. Whether you’re on holiday and you suddenly find out that you’ve overspent (oops) or if you’ve got bills to pay and may have gone a little bit wild at the shops the week before hand. No one wants to have to go running back to their parents and ask for money, it’s a little humiliating but we’ve all had to go there once or twice. But if you’re really in a fix, it’s much better to run to the bank of mum and dad rather than an actual bank or a pay day loan shop with their ridiculous interest rates. It’s more than likely that they’d be happy to help you out as you make you make your way in the world, a few hiccups along the way are to be expected and you become more and more independent and learn how to become self-sufficient.

It’s now easy to manage your money online through the use of online banking and with smart phone apps, you can split the bill at a restaurant, pay your bills and receive a little bursary from your parents all in a split second, the days of going to the bank to take money out and transfer money across are long gone. Nowadays money is flying about all over the place, it’s easy some times to take it for granted, which is why we need to be more careful than ever with our cash so here’s a rundown of the best apps you can get on your smart phone to help get the most out of your money.

Your Bank’s Mobile App – Whatever bank you use, they should have a mobile banking app to help you manage your accounts. These can be really useful when you’re out and about as well as being totally secure. Whether it’s just checking how much money you’ve got in your pocket or you want to pay a bill or make a transfer you can do it right from your pocket, with a powerful app provided from your bank.

These apps are not just for checking your balance and making transfers, they can also make you smarter with your money. You can set up alerts when your bank balance dips between a certain point, balance updates and trawl through all of your transactions over the past month. Some banking apps can also direct you to your nearest cash point and top up your phone.

Budgeting Apps – As well as banking apps to keep you up to date with all your receipts and how much money you’ve got in your pocket, it’s always good to have a budgeting app so you can keep on top of your spends. There are a number of powerful budgeting apps available for you to keep a keen eye on your outgoings and incomings. Simply input your salary and all the bills you need to pay each month and these apps can calculate how hard your money is working and what you’ll have left over each month to either spend or save.

The eWallet- An eWallet is like having a credit card on your mobile, it allows for easy payments and transactions and allows for exceptionally easy money transfer online for when money gets a little tight and you make the dreaded call to the bank of mum and dad. Most companies that provide eWallets allow for completely free transactions from one eWallet to another and allow them to connect to your bank account but only take a preset amount that you specify whilst setting up the eWallet so that there’s no chance of over spending.

Whether you’re running a tight family budget, looking at the best way to manage your student loan or just want an eWallet to save your holiday spend in, mobile banking apps are an incredibly useful way of managing your money and tracking your spends. They’ve changed the way we look at banking and use our money on the high-street as well as online.