Bring Home Education Back to the Biblical Principle Approach

I have been asked many, many a time — What do you mean by Back to the Basics? Classical Approach? What does it all mean. I through you just opened a book and taught. Oh, Dear Friend, it is my hope to answer these questions and more, very simply in this article.

Back to the basics – the biblical classical approach to learning and teaching is a simple form of daily home teaching that brings us back to the Basics of the Bible and Life. While we full embrace our Old Testament Heritage, we are fully acknowledging our New Testament belief in Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior.

We believe that daily home education should instruct and nurture our children in the following ways:

  1. We believe teaching of a Biblical World view in Every Subject. We do this by incorporating The Holy Scripture (The Bible) and biblical thinking throughout our full school day, school year; and the curriculum that we choose to teach from and/or author.
  2. We believe teaching to and instilling into our children the core character value system that is modeled after the Life of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer.
  3. We further believe that the most vital part of home education is to teach the CRIMSON THREAD (Jesus Christ) has a part in our every day life. That our Biblical Heritage should be taught side-by-side along with our American Heritage through every aspect of our curriculum and lives.
  4. We also desire to teach our children The Biblical Principle Approach to Christian Family Heritage, Christian American Heritage, Education and Government.”

By: Karina C. Struven